Darien Scott Henry | Contact: hello@darienhenry.com


I’m academically trained as a graphic designer with a B.A. from Portland State University with a focus on interactive products and experiences. Having been inspired by the teachings of both contemporary and classical designers—I’ve been carving out a path that combines their perspectives with my own in my design work. I still have plenty to learn and I enjoy the process.

I believe in working fast but thoughtfully, organically and acquiring data to validate or invalidate subjectivity when necessary—specifically when working in the interactive space. In my opinion, speed and organic processes, should not come at the expense of the consumer or with any disregard towards company-centric goals or systems.

As a designer and frankly, as an enthusiast—I'm absolutely in love with typography and design history. Continuing to study design has helped shape my philosophy when it comes time to put theory into practice. Whether that's designing for the screen, print or new and emerging technology altogether.


Work History (2013-2018)

I've been allowed opportunities through past and current employers to conceptualize, build and iterate on: interactive products, experiences, films and other digital goods (ex. advertisements, social media imagery, etc.)  

The following companies have provided me with immeasurable mentorship and countless valuable lessons as a designer:

Please note: the professional experience listed has been supplemented by contract client work and individual design studies.

Roku – UX/Visual Designer (Currently)
Intel – UX/Visual Designer
Juliet Zulu – Motion Designer
+Citizen – Visual & Motion Designer

(Many thanks to all of them for the guidance.)



If you would like to begin a project together you are welcome to reach out to me. I'm comfortable working in product design, UX/UI, visual and interaction, for web, mobile and any other destination. Art direction and graphic design for print or digital destinations are also comfortable for me.

If you have a project that doesn't quite fit in those categories, still feel free to reach out by email.

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