Tome Environmental Sensing
@New York Fashion Week 2016


Tome – Environmental Sensing


A partnership between Intel and Tome

This project was a quick turn around, 2-5 days. It was a last minute request to create app designs supporting environmental sensing products hitting the runway at New York Fashion Week 2016. The products were bags and bracelets created by fashion company Tome.

UX/Visual Designer for Intel

UX, UI, Wearables, Mobile



How do you create a quick access companion application, to show data about a user’s environment?


About the Product & Project
The products themselves, bags and bracelets–have a number of sensors that allow for varyinglevels of environmental sensing. They allow for grainularity as far as air quality index and as high level as basic temperature.

For New York Fashion Week, Intel provided a working application for the show and the conceptual product. My role was to create screens to be used in the developed application at the show.


Variations to Start

Under the hood of the application, a lot of the back end was borrowed from another sensing application. There was a desire to do the same with the UI and experience, however since the dashboard wasn’t very complicated–that wasn’t entirely necessary.

I went ahead and just did a few different variations and passed those back to the team to get their pulse on a preferred direction and worked on finalizing that–just borrowing hiearchy cues from the other sensor application.


Color Language & Reference

With things like temperature and positive/negative values, having a relative, discernable color language to convey and reinforce those values is often an easy but powerful strategy when designing.

Luckily, a lot of the colors could be referenced from a lot of the charts that currently exist to represent these types of values.


I’ve always found it a little interesting to look at charts like these and think about how to distill them down to be a little bit more digestable.

Below is the translation of the colors that are actually in use, to the branding and tone of the Tome Environmental Sensing application. The verbal language used to describe each state was borrowed from the real charts as well.


Color Application Example


Final Screens


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