Bzzy - Task Manager


Bzzy – Task Manager


Bzzy began as an exercise to design an experience to help users efficiently complete and potentially collaborate on tasks.

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How do you create a system to help someone get tasks completed in their day to day life?


About the Product & Project
This application was originally designed in about 2012, as a project for a class in design school. 

My professor at the time, Thom Hines was also creating a list app/task manager. We worked together to start creating a desktop experience for the application which saw a few different iterations. It was always a personal project, I helped out with the early stages where I could, with visual design and user experience. 



Design Trends

Looking back at this project it's interesting to see the direction the design went in having been made in 2012. The “Flat UI” trend was just picking up steam around 2011/2012. So there are still some little peaks at gradients and bevels that wouldn’t make it into an interactive design today.  

The desktop design took place later and that ended up being more flat. Stylistically, of course I’d update things today a little but there is still something kind of charming about some of the extra details and textures that flat ui design doesn’t really call for anymore. 


List & Task Concept on Mobile

Conceptually, the list and task system is simple. Basically the user could have any number of lists with any number of tasks within each of those lists. 

On a high level they could see their tasks but more importantly, they could focus on a particular area without being overwhelmed by however many tasks they have.


The Hive

To make the tool viable for teams, I designed this paradigm known as The Hive. Basically users could create teams which would be their Hive. They could pass tasks to it, assign individuals to tasks or be assigned to tasks themselves. 

It could be used for work tasks such as getting copies made or tasks for families like having someone wash the dishes. 


The Name: Bzzy

It’s a play on words of course. Bzzy, like “Busy Bee.” Honestly, bees and the way they work together to keep their lives going efficiently was the real inspiration for the hive concept initially.  

I also enjoyed messing around with the whole bee motif when creating the mockups.

Fun fact: I actually kind of hate bees of all varieties. I've never been stung before either–some kind of phobia harbored there perhaps.


Desktop Web Application

As mentioned earlier, my professor at the time, Thom Hines was also working on a task management application. We combined forces for a while and he carried on developing the website version. 

The concept for task completion adjusted a bit in the process of combining the branding and thinking. For the desktop version the method adopted was for users to have their lists split up between: Today, soon and later. They could focus on their tasks accordingly.


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